will save you time
for the things you love

We supply our clients with a service that they can trust, and expect
quality assurance from.

We are MAID4ME
We do the cleaning .. You just relax

We have ready-to-work cleaners available and near to you, wherever you may be UAE. Our cleaners have been trained to handle all sorts of cleaning services including scheduled, reactive and periodic cleaning needs of our Clients.







Our company was founded in Dubai in 2011 as one of the first whole house and office cleaning services in the region. We supply our clients with a service that they can trust, and expect quality assurance from. 

M4M cares about quality, and reliability. Our ethics are based around trust, mutuality, and respect. Which is why we feel safe giving our services to you.

A clean workplace is a happy workplace. We focus on cleaning your workplace, while you enjoy the finer things.

M4M office is environmentally friendly. We use our very own chemical agents that is Green Seal Certified. They are 100% bio degradable and eco-friendly. On top, our cleaners make an effort to reducing water usage and electricity in and out of the office. This means, we do the same in your workplace as we service you.

Competition is Mounting! Our team at M4M is here for you. We provide elite cleaning services designed to keep your workplace  sparkling and beautiful so that you can focus on things that matter more, like your business and customers.

Our Goal Is to Make Our Customers Lives Better

Not only do we provide our customers with clean homes / offices, but we do our part to keep the environment clean, too. We focus on using green cleaning materials that are environmentally responsible or sustainable. We are one of the few cleaning services in UAE to do this.

We can help you save time and focus on your business priorities. Let us handle the hassle of keeping your workplace clean: while you focus on growing your customer happiness. Get in touch with M4M today.

M4M will be the leading provider of residential and commercial cleaning services by creating a positive impact on the quality of life of the home and office owners we serve, the people we employ, and the franchises we support.

Our mission is to positively impact the quality of life of:

Home/office owners we service by delivering detail-oriented, consistent services.
People we employ by providing stable jobs with reasonable hours and wages.
Future generations by using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.